Does Prayer Help? November 2, 2017 Daily Reflection

My Boys when they were little

My son asked me, “Does prayer really help? God definitely knows about the disasters and diseases of every person. I am sure God is watching over those people. So, what good does prayer do?” I was floored! I told him I would really need to give it some consideration because he made a few very good points. I thought about it and that I know God is unchanging, God needs nothing, God is loving, and all knowing.

The next day someone actually asked this question on a podcast with Archbishop Robert Barron. His response was that yes, God is all knowing, and we cannot change God in anyway. However, prayer unites us with those who are suffering through our relationship with God. As we pray for those we love and their hardships we are learning empathy. We are bringing our love and consideration to God and asking for God’s care, comfort, and sometimes a miracle. In that action we are uniting with those in their suffering and drawing closer to God.

After I heard the podcast I told my son what I had heard and that it does help. If we have more empathy then more of humanity learns to care better for one another changing our lives overall. The answer to prayers remains a mystery but cultivating deeper and more meaningful relationships with one another and God is the purpose of our lives. So, yes prayer does make a difference Jake!

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