Preparation, August 9, 2017 Daily Reflection


As a teacher I am back to work. The students won’t show up for a few more days. Now, is the time for preparation; professional development, putting our rooms back together, learning all the new ideas for teaching, getting together with our PLC’s and setting new goals for the year. We are preparing for the day that we meet 60-70 new students and attempt to teach them knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge over the next 9 months.

Preparation is important in all places in our lives. Without preparation a teacher would fall flat and lose control of the classroom. Preparation is extremely important for the journey to God. Too often people believe once they make a commitment to God they are finished. What we need to understand is that we need to constantly renew that commitment and prepare for the will of God in our everyday life. The best way to prepare is to get to know God better through prayer, sacraments, church, and learning more about the faith.

What are you preparing for in life right now? How should you be preparing for it? Take it to God, he will guide you!

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