Be Present, April 18, 2017 Daily Reflection

My husband and my son on a walk when he was little

It’s easy to say “be present” it is difficult to do it. Our culture expects people to be busy 24/7. If you are not busy then there must be something wrong with you. How on earth could you have any down time? Our work places are not 40 hours a week, they are 55-75 hours a week, and you better believe you are going to take that work home with you too. Our homes are bustling with projects, laundry, dinners, chores, etc. Our families are over committed to sports for our children, and organizations and appointments for the parents. We are overworked, over scheduled, and overloaded. We even do this with our vacations. Most families need a vacation from the vacation. With this type of busy life how can we expect to be present in one moment when our thoughts are in the next moment?

Does it make you wonder why people die from heart attacks, and depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses are so prevalent in our culture? So, what’s the solution?

Slow down and be in the moment. This is mindfulness. Learning to become mindful of the present moment. Stop multitasking every moment of your life. Do one thing at a time. Be present to that thing. Take deep cleansing breathes more often. Close your eyes and try to center yourself. When you are cooking smell the food, taste the food and appreciate cooking. When you are doing laundry snuggle the warm towels and smell the fabric sheets. When you are brushing your teeth smell the tooth paste and look in the mirror. When you are answering an email think of the person you are writing to, slow down and formulate a message. When you are at your kid’s sports game watch the game and think of your child. When we are mindful we realize we have more time than we thought possible because we make the most of each moment.

Today, start with something small. When you eat a meal today close your eyes and taste the food. Chew your food 25 times before you swallow it. Taste the texture of it, smell it. Be present and mindful while you eat. Tomorrow, be mindful when you walk somewhere of your surroundings. Don’t text or talk on the phone just walk and notice the weather, temperature and where you are. Becoming present to each moment brings mindfulness and an appreciation for life, not as we know it but as it should be known.


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