Pride, April 17, 2015 Daily Reflection

Tuesdays with MorrieIn the Book Tuesdays with Morrie. Morrie says that what gets in the way of us loving people, accepting love, and taking care of one another is ego and pride. He talks about how we learn at the end of our lives that our pride and ego don’t really matter at all. He acknowledges that our ego helps get us to where we need to go in life but there comes a point when it’s not just all about us.

When we realize that our lives are not all about us we can truly learn to love. Of course we have to care for ourselves, respect ourselves and set time aside to learn, grow, relax and be whole. But ego and pride are different than that. On Sunday’s when I am able to read the scriptures at Mass, before I go onto the altar I bow my head and pray, “Let this be all for the glory and honor of God and none of my own.” I know in my heart and mind that God should always be who I live for and that I am an instrument to bring people closer to God. But believe me I have those times when I feel hurt and selfish because I want it to be about me. We are human.

The more we are able to comprehend that we are all here for each other the bigger our world becomes. This culture lures us to believe the most important person is “me.” The truth is we are all in this together and once we truly love (selfless do for others), living selflessly for one another all our needs will be met. Start today by praying to God, “Help me to love selflessly so that I give to others, let it be about others and not myself this day.” See where that takes you. If you go that way you will find God smiling back at you through another person.

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