A Promise, May 6, 2016 Daily Reflection

Promise of Christ

Promise of Christ

A promise is a declaration of assurance that one will do something. A promise is like an oath, or a vow. How many people take a promise seriously? How many people think it is something to say to hear the dirt on another person? The character by Dr. Suess, Horton the elephant said, ” I meant what I said and I said what I meant. An elephant’s faithful one-hundred percent!”¬†Being faithful is what we are meant to do when we make a promise.

I have made many promises in my lifetime but the ones that were the most serious I professed in front of others. I promised my husband with vows of marriage. I vowed that I would raise my children in the faith at their baptisms. These are promises that will last a lifetime. What does a promise mean to you? What type of promises have you made? Have you kept those promises?

Jesus Christ promises us eternal life if we surrender our lives and follow him. Are you willing to take him up on that promise? What have you promised God in your life? Have you been faithful 100%?

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