Proud July 7, Daily Reflection

Angie's Art Display

 Proud, that is the word that keeps coming to mind when I look at the prints hanging in my house that my best friend Angie, from high school, created. She had her first booth at a local art fair recently. She was nervous and unsure about the experience, we all are when it’s our first time with anything in life. I walked up to the display and thought it was someone else’s. It was so simple, creative and eye catching. Proud, of her work, of her accomplishment of her listening to her calling and pursuing it.

 My friend Angie has always been creative and seen the world from a different perspective that’s what made us friends. We both feel deeply for people and causes we both have a passion for life she expresses her passion through photography and I through writing. As so many have been recently she was let go from her job in an office, answering phones, shuffling papers, and working in front of a computer, suffocation for an artist. Through this loss she was able to find the time to find herself, her true passion and calling in art. She has taken that part of herself that was tucked away with no time or space in our ordinary culture of a 40 work week and single mom, and rediscovered her calling and her talent. She has taken a great leap of fate and started her own store called DiscArted it opened this week. If you enjoy photographs and simple treasures please visit her store at 11601 Main St. in the Captain Benjamin Head House in Middletown Kentucky. She is on the 2nd floor and her hours are Tuesday – Friday 10 -4 and Saturdays 10 -5. 

 Proud is the word one holds for a friend that is pursuing their dream, one you have witnessed the cultivation of for years.  Angie I am so proud of you for listening to your heart, for following your calling, for giving into a passion that allows the world to see a different perspective through your art. Proud!


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