My Student’s Psalm, January 16, 2015 Daily Reflection

OceanMy students were given an assignment to write a Psalm. I have read many of of the Psalms and some of them were pretty good but most were obviously just an assignment without depth or any emotion. Then I read this one. It was written by a sincere, intelligent, insightful, kind young man, and one of my favorite students ever, Ryan Williams. I received permission from him and his mother as well to post this precious psalm on my blog today. Enjoy.

Love is more kind than an innocent child.

Love is more gentle than a mother holding her newborn.

Love is more forgiving than a man offering penance to a murderer.

Love is more truthful than the most honest man.

Love spreads God’s word farther than Christ’s apostles.

Love is more soothing than the sound of the ocean’s waves.

Love can take you higher than bird could ever soar.

Love shines brighter than the light from a dying star.

Love is more calming than a warm and sunny day.

Love has more meaning than the most ancient scriptures.

Love has more courage than any hero could ever show.

Love has more wealth than there will ever exist.

Love heals the wounds that could not be healed.

Love is more free than a slave breaking his chains.

Love is more powerful than the  forces that govern our universe.

God is love.

So if you agree love is all of these things,

then love. 

Copyright 2015 Ryan Williams

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