Providers, March 5 Daily Reflection

Plane being prepared for flight

There it sits on the runway idle to others yet inside it is being checked prepared, fueled, loaded and readied for the journey. It will take on 200 lives and gently transport them to another place this metal invention that has been engineered to fly like a creation of God. Taking for granted the others whose work and detail to attention will provide each one aboard the safe ride.

Such is life. How often do we notice those who facilitate our needs on a daily basis? Who provides the grocery stores with the produce, the meat, the grain, the milk and the eggs? Who provides the fuel for our cars and minivans? Who provides the heat for our homes and the water for our survival?

Instead of expecting all of those necessities to just be provided because that is how our culture works we should pause and give God praise and say a prayer for those behind the scenes that make our lives possible to function. How easy is it for us to never even stop to notice. Today stop and notice then say a prayer for the ones that provide for you.

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