Pumpkin Day, October 16, 2017 Daily Reflection

My Family

Yesterday we were able to spend the day with family at Yvonne and Dale’s the annual pumpkin day. It was a fun day, regardless of the rain. This has been a tradition for years. My children always look forward to the hayride and ability to pick a pumpkin from the field. Me and my husband enjoy the time to catch up with family, cousins, grandparents, and in-laws. It’s almost like Christmas in October. We are blessed to be a part of a family that makes “family time” such a priority in life. These are the days my children will tell their children about in the future. What traditions will your family pass on from your “family times” in life? If you can’t think of any start a new tradition and make it happen. Life is too short and precious to wait until next year to start something new. Start planning right now!

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