Puppy Love, June 27, 2012 Daily Reflection

Jake and Ally wrote their names together

“Mommy, I know who I am going to marry when I grow up…Ally” Jake told me with a huge smile stretched across his face. Ally will tell you Jake is the boy she will marry also. They have been sweethearts all through the first grade. They held hands and chased each other on the playground. They both know they are not allowed to kiss each other. They are really best friends who play great together.

Do you remember your first crush or best friend of the opposite sex? I remember being boy crazy from age 3 on. The boys didn’t like me but I chased them anyway! I did have friends that were boys and we played well together.  I still remember that feeling in the pit of my little tummy when I fell head over heels in love with a little boy in the 2nd grade. I can still picture his piercing blues eyes. There is nothing like that puppy dog love. It is pure, innocent, sweet and hopeful. I wanted to marry every boy I ever had a crush on in grade school.

The teachers told Jake and Ally not to talk about getting married but I thought it was just fine. They are not talking about kissing or hugging just getting married. That to me is pretty wholesome. It just takes me back to a different age and time when that’s what we thought about literally getting married not getting the “hot girl” but being respectful and kind. We thought about who we would marry and raising a family. Now it seems we direct our children completely to careers and don’t really talk about marriage and families. I think that is a mistake. Yes, it is important for your child to have direction and guidance from parents about their goals, dreams, hopes and careers. But I think it is just as important to talk about marriage, children and family. If we instill the values in our children shouldn’t we talk about family and marriage as one of the main goals in their future?

I personally love to hear Jake tell me how important it is to him to get married and have four children, just like our family. He tells me he will be a builder and take all of our families, his nieces, nephews and siblings to Hawaii when he is all grown up. He will take us in his jet with his family and we will have awesome vacations together. I love his imagination, character, dreams for the future and love of family.

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