Quality Time, June 20, 2017 Daily Reflection

Father and Son Working together

How often do you hear the phrase quality time vs. quantity of time? Sure, quality time is deep meaningful conversations, experiences that will be remembered are important to have with our loved ones. However, there is lots to be said for the quantity of time you spend with your loved ones. Being in the same area as another breeds quality over time. Bonds, and connections form when people spend more time together.

Strong relationships are built on both ideas, the more time spent together leads to more indepth and meaningful times together. As a mom I know that the more I am with my children, the more they will talk about the everyday details of life. They feel more connected and are comfortable with sharing more.

My oldest son and my husband were putting shingles on the roof of the shed they built together. It may look like they are just working, but that time they are spending together is precious. My husband is teaching our son how to work hard and they are building their relationship. Like every relationship the more time they spend together the stronger their bond becomes (it is already amazing).

Today, think of who you want to spend more time with in your life. The time you spend will blossom into a deeper relationship.

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