Quiet Confidence, January 31, 2013 Daily Reflection

My daughter kneeling in our Church

I watched my daughter the other day sitting with her basketball team mates at Church. She sat with her back straight and head held high. There was no kneeler where she was sitting but she did not hesitate to kneel on the floor in front of God, her eyes fixed straight ahead. She sang with ease, listened attentively and participated in the Mass.

I sat there three rows behind her proud that she was my daughter. She leads others to faith through her example. She is not too embarrassed to sing, pray out loud or participate. She has a quiet confidence that carries her.

I pray God will bless her all the days of her life with this faith and self acceptance.

Do you have this type of quiet confidence within you? Do you feel self assured and unafraid to enter the songs at your church? God wants us to be in relationship with Him, to talk to Him through prayer, song and service to one another. God wants to connect with one another in community. Next time you go to Church be aware of how you carry yourself. Do you do it with confidence and full participation? Or are you just there as a spectator? How do you want to be at Church? You can change it all right now. The choice is yours.

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