The Quiet, December 12, 2014 Daily Moment

QuietOur entire world is filled with noise, music, talking and so much more that fills our heads. Rarely can we find a quiet place or time in our lives. Once in a while we find silence with a colleague or a friend. Sometimes it is awkward because our culture says we must fill every moment with talking or some type of productivity. Our culture doesn’t value the quiet because it doesn’t appear to be productive. Little does our culture know how very productive the quiet can be? When we have an opportunity to silence the world, our thoughts and simply be still we allow our bodies, minds and souls a time to rest. We need to find that reprieve so that we can be replenished and then we can continue with more energy and intention. The quiet should be welcomed and embraced many times daily. In the quiet we need to simply be and let God rest within us as we rest within his precious gift of the silence.

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