Radios and Earbuds, October 18, 2016 Daily Reflection

Our Piano

Our Piano

Have you ever thought in depth about how much we seem to need music in our lives?

Every car has a radio. Almost every teenager has earbuds or earphones to listen to music. It’s quite amazing how much we emphasize music in our culture. There is something so raw about the sounds and how they resonate with our physical senses. The lyrics are literally poetry in motion. No matter what genre each person listens to the effect seems just as profound on our lives.

Imagine if you went an entire day without hearing any music at all. You would not turn on the radio in your car, or listen to the elevator music, hold music, music at the beginning of TV shows, music in the background of commercials, the ring tones of phones, and the music on our computers. Even, if we tried I think it may be impossible to go a day in an ordinary life without listening to some type of music.

Music is part of our heart and soul. We should take a moment to reflect on the music that moves our soul, that moves our bodies to dance, moves our mind to ponder, and moves our lips to sing. Now, we should take a moment to thank God that we can appreciate this specific and special form of communication with one another. Then play a song today and enjoy it. God delights in our joy!

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