The Raindrops, May 21, 2012 Daily Reflection

Raindrops on a leaf

The beaded drops of rain fell upon the green of the leaf in different shapes and sizes. There they sit not soaking in just sitting upon the leaf. We are each like those drops of rain completely original different shapes and size all existing upon this earth. Do we sit upon our lives or do we soak into this life and become a part of it?

So many times we would prefer to watch our lives unfold from a safe and comfortable distance. We don’t really want life to soak into who we are as individuals. We have our own ideas about who we are and what we want and what makes us happy. The last thing we want is for someone else’s raindrop to splash upon us and send us sliding down that leaf to heaven only knows where. We want to sit on that leaf and just be content being who we are right now.

But you know the truth, right? The truth is “only heaven knows” where we will end up in this life. God is trying to guide us through other’s actions and if one of their rain drops falls upon us it may be for a good reason. Don’t just sit upon your comfortable green life. Instead soak up life and all of those people in your life. Live your life to the fullest. Listen in silence to the rain landing softly upon the leaves. Listen for the whispers of God in your life and follow Him. He knows the way.

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