Raindrops, May 8, 2012 Daily Reflection


Playing in the rain

“It’s raining, it’s raining! Shrieks of joy were heard coming closer and closer. Then 6 children became visible flipping off their flip flops as they let their hot bare feet squish down into the dampening spring grass and the careless twirling ensued. Arms extended, feet shuffling, heads back and laughter rolling the children were spinning, uninhibited spinning.

One could smell the scent of the water soaking into the hot black asphalt and if you were to look close enough you could see the heat vapor rising off the street. No thunder, no lightening just big fat drops of cooling refreshing rain for the children to dance in. Their eyes were closed if only for a moment as they spun no longer in that front yard but in a place and time so distant from my adult eyes, they were lost in their imagination as a plane, a dancer and some just lost in the dizzying moment of delight. In the raindrops I saw my children in pure bliss, I remembered childhood, and I felt their joy in those spring raindrops.


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