Reaching, February 20, 2013 Daily Reflection

A field trip with 2nd graders visiting some elderly folks

From infants to the elderly we are each reaching out for a hand to hold on to, a person who cares. We are searching from young until old and all the years in between for acceptance and love from others. We desire the love, the hugs, the touch of a hand and the gentle smile giving us comfort for each moment we live. We are all alike we are reaching and loving.

We need love, kindness, forgiveness and care it doesn’t matter if we say we deny it; we were programmed by God to desire that love. She may be foul and he may be crude, she may be grumpy and he made be rude but they all deep down are reaching with their complaints and their grumps for someone to hear them and acknowledge their existence.

So we visit, we smile, we sing, we make cards, and we shake their wrinkled hands; we love them for a moment and then we walk away. Alone they are left with the memory, the warmth and the fading smile of the youth. For a moment they held a hand listened to a song and felt loved.

We are all reaching from young until old we are reaching for love…

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