Reaction to Beauty, January 2, 2018 Daily Reflection

Sunset on the Ohio River

Have you ever noticed how your body responds to beauty? Sometimes, there is a sigh, the closing of the eyes, and a feeling of your lungs expanding. It’s as though you experience the beauty physically, before your brain has a chance to translate meaning to it. Take for instance a brilliant sunset that turns the sky colors. I am wrapped up in the awe of the beauty, many times it takes my breath away. After a moment of experiencing it I thank God for that beauty. Our bodies react first then our brain processes and cateogrizes it.

Bishop Barron talks often about the good, the true, and the beautiful. He says that the first way to bring people into the love of God is through the beauty. Each person can experience beauty and then when they are able to think it through they often think how did that happen. Then the conversation can begin, not with arguing and force but opening with the beauty of existence.

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