Reading, September 10, 2015, Daily Reflection

2015 KnowledgeMy children have all been raised with a love of reading. I read to them from the time they were born to now. Just the other day, my 12 year old was falling asleep while trying to read The Outsiders. I offered to read the first three chapters out loud to him. He was happy to listen.

Some of my favorite memories from my childhood are of my dad reading Dr. Seuss books to me. I would climb up on his lap with a Dr. Seuss book from the school library and snuggle up looking at the pictures and listening to him change his voice to bring those whimsical characters to life. I knew then that as a mom I wanted to do the same for my own children.

As a young mom I knew how important reading to your children was for their development. We went to story time and the library to check out books weekly. My oldest had a difficult time falling asleep as a toddler so I would give him books to look at each night. Eventually when he began to read he would read before bedtime. I started all my other children with this habit as well. Now, each one of my children have a love of reading. They all read before bed and because they enjoy escaping to another realm and activating their imagination they read for fun daily. Everyone in my house enjoys a good book, even my husband.

I encourage everyone to read to a child, if not your own volunteer some hours to read to other children. Find a good book and get lost in it for a little while each day, it can be a stress reliever as well as educational. Check out a good book today and get started.

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