Ready for Spring? January 18 Daily Reflection

Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Bright, sweet smelling, vivid, tantilizing creating visual sensation unknown in the dead of winter; spring flowers.  Intricate, delicate almost like porcelain or handmade glass; each pedal perfected.

Doubting the existence of a creator, a higher being, one that is greater than humans able to create all that is true and lasting beauty in the world, how is that possible? 

 In the deepest coldest, dreariest days of the winter hold on to the image of the spring flowers for they shall bloom and spring will be once more. Winter must be as spring must be. Our journeys in life will take us through the coldhearted unfeeling people who hurt, abandon and desert us to the gentle breezes of the strangers kindness, the renewed relationships of friends and the sweet scent of home and family. Our lives must experience the sadness and the darkness to recognize the happiness and the light of day. Let us not say spring be here now I am through with the winter. Let us instead embrace the wisdom and the lessons of the winter letting it prepare us for the gentle breezes of the springtime. The seasons were designed by the hands of God trust in their strength and wisdom.

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