Recognizing God, February 1, 2017 Daily Reflection

Luke 24: 15-16 Disciples on the road to Emmaus
“Jesus himself drew near and walked with them, but their eyes were prevented from recognizing him.” Were the disciples too distracted by the happenings of that horrible event of the crucifixion and the rumors of the resurrection to realize it was Jesus? Were the disciples so fixated on their grief, disbelief, and fear that they could not listen?

How often in our lives does God appear to us but we are prevented from recognizing him? Is it because we are so distracted by our own lives; sorrows, concerns, and other emotions? Are we so attached to our own concerns that we cannot listen to God speaking to us and cannot feel God’s presence walking with us? Is it because our faith has not been formed enough to recognize him?

Every day is a gift from God. It is time to reflect and explore our relationship with God. It is time to let go of our attachments to power, wealth, honor, and pleasure. If we do not let go of our attachments our visions will be blurred. Today, reflect on ways to let go of your attachments and open your heart and eyes to God’s presence right next to you.

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