It’s All About our Relationship with God, September 24, 2014 Daily Reflection

Love God Love your NeighborDon’t let the laws and rules of the Church be an obstacle in your personal relationship with God or your love for your neighbor. The reasons the laws and rules were put in place were to help you to grow closer to God. As I tell my students all of the time the point of all of this is to bring you closer to God. It’s that simple! Yet, humanity sometimes, without trying, makes it just that difficult. God wants us to love him and one another unconditionally that’s all. The Church is there to help us do that. Sometimes it doesn’t work like that. Always remember God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit NEVER FAIL!!!! Draw close to God, speak to Jesus and open your life to the movement of the Holy Spirit. Do not let the rules deter your eagerness to love God instead look at the essence of why they were created. Somewhere deep within that rule there should be a core that leads you to God. Sometimes we just have to dig deeper to understand. But let nothing stand in the way of your relationship with God and others. We were put here to love. So let’s do it today!

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