Relationships, September 19, 2017 Daily Reflection

Good Relationships

The purpose of life is to be in good relationship with self, others, creation, and God. When any of these relationships are fractured, damaged, or strained then all relationships suffer. Every relationship takes time, effort, space, respect, selflessness, and love to thrive. The descriptions I will use of good relationships are difficult to attain and should always be attempted but likely will never be fully reached because of our humanness, not to excuse us from the attempt.

Good relationship with self is loving yourself for who you are, wanting to grow, and trying to fulfill your purpose, delighting in the good of this life. Good relationship with others, is willing the good of the other for the other, caring for others as brothers and sisters, of course arguing, having disagreements, conflicts, and issues, but wanting to resolve them, trying to have a good relationship. Good relationship with creation, is allowing yourself to be connected to the earth, the soil, the sky, the elements, understanding that we are not outside of, above, dominating, or controlling the earth, but that we are a distinct extension of creation, that we must live in harmony with not opposed to the earth. Good relationship with God, is to know God, in communication with God daily in all ways, to serve God, by caring for God’s creations of humanity, earth, and self, to love God, by loving others like God loves us, by putting God’s will at the forefront of our lives.

God exudes good relationship within the Holy Trinity; God the father, Jesus Christ the son, and the Holy Spirit working within each, loving one another. There is a distinction but complete community and good, harmonious, loving relationship. We should attempt to model the ultimate relationship of our triune God.

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