Relax, March 13 Saturday Tidbit

Sunset in CA

Relax, stop thinking, relax, be in the moment, no schedules, no time frames, and no kids right now, relax were the thoughts that flooded my mind while reclined in the hot tub in California after my sunrise run with my husband. On vacation it still takes our minds time to catch up with the relaxation of a vacation. How is it that men can just completely zone out but women have to trick their brains into slowing down enough to relax?

What I have found that works the best for me is to concentrate on repeating one word over and over again like relax, relax, relax. Our minds cannot seem to stop but as women we are usually good with at least a little bit of control. So the next time a moment hits you that you truly want to enjoy try it, repeat it over and over again until your head is clear and then choose to be part of that moment and relax!


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