Retreats Are Awesome, April 25, 2013 Daily Reflection

“You Are A Gift From God” – Retreat I led at St. John the Apostle, Brandenburg, KY

I just led a retreat in Brandenburg, KY this weekend. I love retreats!

Retreat days are awesome! Women are gathered who have never talked about their faith. They are asked to share their stories with one another. They open their hearts to each other in a safe and faith filled space.  Many women commented to me that they have known their friends forever from Church. They have been in different Church groups with them but this was the first time they talked about their faith together.

Retreats are a time to pause the constant motion of our lives. It is a time to meet others and listen to their perspective. It is a time to talk to God and discern your gifts. Retreats are a way to slow down and reflect on life and your life with God.

Consider taking the time for yourself and God and go on a retreat.

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