Review of Miracles from Heaven, August 1, 2016 Daily Reflection

Miracles from HeavenMy boys and I watched the movie Miracles from Heaven. We really enjoy watching faith filled movies. We like the depth and faith involved. This movie is very similar to Heaven is for Real, in that it is a drama about a child who was sick and eventually healed by an act of faith. The acting in Miracles from Heaven was very believable. Many people don’t want to watch movies about miracles because they simply don’t believe. I cried during almost the entire movie. The best part of the movie is when Jennifer Garner gives a talk about what miracles are to her congregation. She talks about all the miracles we miss daily and how we have to be open to those miracles in our daily lives.

Today, be a miracle for someone else. Give your kindness, love, gratitude, and attention to others and share the love of God with someone else.

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