Riding the Elevator, July 26, 2012 Daily Reflection

Elevator buttons

We are all strangers. We all stand in silence and stare at the numbers as we ascend the floors. There are no threatening stares or aggressive sounds. If we are with a friend we do not talk loudly because we were trained as children to be quiet on an elevator. Are we nervous because we are in such a confined space with people we do not know? Are we just scared? Are we anti social?

There are so many unknown people in this world that we seem to ride the “elevator” constantly at doctors’ offices, restaurants, grocery stores and malls. However, we do not live in fear. We go about our business and just trust that others will follow a code of general ethics; to be polite, to keep a general distance from the rest of us and to not harm anyone.

But then once in awhile something tragic happens by someone who goes against that code of ethics. Someone who has decided to hurt others for whatever reason and chooses to kill countless strangers in a movie theater, on a TARC bus or in a school. These situations make us question what happened to the code and why did this person abandon it? What can we do to prevent such tragedy from occurring again? Should we trust no one? Should we stop going places? Fear has been shot into the minds of all of us. But we cannot live in constant fear because of the actions of a few people. We must continue to live our lives and trust not only others but to trust God. That God will carry us through no matter what happens.

We should not let fear paralyze us. Trust that God will accompany you in all times and places. Keep on riding the elevator and pray for those who ride it with you.


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