Right There at the Deli Counter, December 30, 2011 Daily Reflection

The deli counter

There I was standing in front of the hams and turkeys at a local grocery store, list in hand, cart in the other hand, waiting for the deli worker to slice the turkey I chose. It was the first time I had stopped the motion of my day.

I woke up and ran 3.5 miles with my husband, returned to the house to make breakfast for my four children and then went straight into cleaning the kitchen, cabinets, counters, stove and oven. Then I had to do a little grocery shopping. I was nearly finished; just needed the sliced turkey. But the deli worker did it to me. HE MADE ME STOP and WAIT. I watched him slowly take the turkey from the display and meander over to the slicing machine. He slowly began to slice my turkey. Then a colleague of his started to talk to him. I guess because of safety he stopped slicing and talked with the other worker. I stood there looking at my phone checking my time, my pace; I would now be off by at least a few minutes. It was then that I realized this stranger didn’t make me stop in my sprint. No, he gave me an opportunity to pause and catch my breath for a moment. I was forced to pause for the first time that day.

I stood there in front of the meats of the deli and thought to myself if this man was not so painfully slow I may not have stopped at all today. So I just took a deep breath, relaxed and savored the moment, that moment of standing still. Then as quickly as it had come it was gone again and I was in the race once more.

The moral of this simple story; don’t get ticked off when you have to wait in a long line. Instead view it as an opportunity to catch your breath and just be still for a moment. The days fly by and suddenly they are gone. Give thanks to those who make you slow down so that you can remember a moment instead of just a task completed and checked off that endless list of life.

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