Rising From The Earth, April 1 Daily Reflection

Flower budding this spring

Rising from the dark cold ground pushing past the soil it begins to climb from the depths of the earth in search of the sunlight, in pursuit of its life and the flower begins to grow.  

Many times in life we feel that sinking feeling of the bulb in the dirt far beneath the cold and dark surface. We sit dormant wondering if the spring will come, if we will grow strong enough to push up through the soil and to break through to the light and goodness waiting for us on the other side, waiting for life to begin in a new season.

We are given strength through the nutrients of the soil that surrounds us daily.  Our family, friends and faith serve to feed us daily the strength and encouragement we need to keep pushing upward.  We set goals in our lives to see the other side, to get to heaven, to reach God, His goodness and His light. We must make sure that no matter who surrounds us we find the richness in them to not only drink in their love to help us to grow but to also add to their growth as a blooming flower in their own right. For the rich soil of the earth is not just to be used on one flower but for the growth of the entire earth. 

In the warmth of the rising spring time may you feel the strength of encouragement in your growth and may you always add to the growth of those who surround you as well.  We are all in this world together and if we can help each other to grow the world will be more beautiful for it!

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