Riverside Benches, September 16, 2011 Daily Reflection

Riverside Benches

There they sit among the pebbles and beneath the shaded trees waiting for another person to sit upon their frame work. The voices they have heard;  with joy when she said “Yes, I will marry you!” one evening beside the water as the sun was setting over the Ohio, the yelling when he walked away and screamed “It just won’t work I give up.”, the confused mumblings of a homeless man using it as a place to sleep for the night, the dreams of a young woman telling her best friend what she wants her future to look like, the sighs of a girl as she kisses the love of her life, the pounding of little feet that have run and jumped on its frame, the crying and despair of one who just lost his job. Oh, the people these benches have held on their frames from the love to the sorrow such stories to tell and yet they just sit open and ready to receive another story another passerby in this journey we refer to as life.

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