The Road, August 22, 2017 Daily Reflection

The Road

It seems like we can see it, the road ahead, but there are unknown bends, we cannot see beyond the bends. We cannot see if something is coming towards us, if there are pitfalls or if there are elevations and magnificent trails we could never even imagine. We have an idea of how life will be based on the past, on experiences, and on examples from others. But, we never know for sure until we see it first- hand. Understanding the fact that we will never know the future can help us to be flexible, adaptable, and ready for changes. There is nothing guaranteed in life except for change. No matter which road you have chosen plan for construction, detours, and unknown paths. Plan to embrace the experience, live through each change, grow, and to evolve with each difference over time. Growing pains are real, growth takes time, energy, and many times hardships. Growth helps us to continue to fulfill our humanness. Stare down the road, take a deep breath, and walk forward trusting in God, believing in change, and knowing that not knowing is just what it is and it’s acceptable. Just stay on the road and continue the journey. The journey and how you adapt to change is what will define who you are and who you will continue to become.

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