Run the Race, September 4, 2012 Daily Reflection


Taking off from the start line

Run with patience my friend the race has just begun. Pace yourself before you run. Breathe in and out. Relax your body and let your anxiety go. It’s a long race. It takes time, endurance, strength, motivation and prayers. The rewards do not go to the swiftest runner or the strongest competitor. The reward goes to the one who balances all that is needed at every hurdle along the way.

Relax your body, slow down your fears, strengthen your mind and talk to Him from within. He loves to listen to your thoughts. Know that He will lift you when you are weak. He will give you wind at your back and the fire in your heart. He is there at all times. The reward is not always the trophy at the end of the race. Sometimes it is the affirmation that God never left you and with Him you can meet any challenge, face any fear and run any race.

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