Run to the light, August 15, 2011 Daily Reflection

a boy running towards the light

Shouldn’t we all be running towards that light?

The question:  If we believe in God, if we have faith in a higher being, if we believe that we were in fact given life by God and He is the truth and the light, then why are we not in a sprint to get to Him?

The answer: Because this life gets in the way!

God gave us life, he gave us a heart to beat, to love and to give that love unconditionally to everyone (we should not meet a stranger, they are all our neighbors). He gave us a mind to think, to create ways to make this life better for one another. He gave us a soul to return to Him one day when this life is over. Our soul is our trace of God within our humanity, almost like a compass pulling us in the direction of God, our creator.

God gave us all that we need and yet we get it all mixed up. We are befuddled, stressed and resentful at times. We forget the core, the very essence of our existence. We live mindlessly to survive instead of thrive. We need to look at the picture above. We need to look at the boy sprinting towards the light that fills the world and stop walking away from it.

Today, reflect on your life. Do you sprint from time to time towards the light? Are you walking away from the light? Or are you trying to figure out what to do to bring the light into your everyday life?

This day, in this time and in this place choose to run towards the light of God.

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