Sacramental, May 6, 2015 Daily Reflection

2010-02-12 17.31.30Sacramental means the presence of God in our world in a tangible way or through human interaction. God is present in all times, in all places, omnipresent. However, as humans we are moving so quickly without the intention of looking for God. We pass by so many signs of God and say he doesn’t exist.

Very obvious sacramental signs in our world occur when we see things for the first time; standing by the ocean, flying over the land, witnessing a sunrise or a sunset, feeling rain on a hot summer’s day, watching a spider spin a web, looking at the Grand Canyon for the first time. These all scream, God is present. Each time we witness these creations we should witness them like we did the first time we saw them.

Signs of God surround us every moment of every day. Once you notice them you can’t stop noticing them. It’s like when you buy a blue car and suddenly you notice how many blue cars there are in the world. Your eyes are drawn to them. Today, notice the signs of God’s presence in the world. Once you start you won’t be able to stop. God is making himself known to you, take the time to notice.

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