All Saints Day, November 1, 2016 Daily Reflection

2015-cross-ciToday, is a holy day of opportunity, All Saints Day. It is an opportunity to join with the rest of the Catholic Church in the highest form of prayer known to the church, the Mass. Catholics across the world will be holding Saints in their prayers. So many of us believe that saints led perfectly virtuous lives. Each year my students are assigned an informative paper about a saint. They must research and write about a saint who has had an immoral life and once he/she found God their lives changed drastically and they then attempted to live a virtuous life without sin. I think it is extremely important for my students to understand that we all fall from the beauty of grace into our own humanity. However, there is hope in the resurrection, there is belief that there will be new life.

We each sin daily. Hopefully we can begin to recognize the sins in our lives as anything that takes us away from God’s beautiful love. If we ask for God’s forgiveness, through Reconciliation, we can begin to love more freely. Today, reflect on the sins of your life. Ask God’s help to change, or better yet go to Reconciliation. Then allow your heart to be emptied of the habits that isolate you from God. Each day question, reflect, and reveal who you truly are inside. If the saints could start out as sinners then we can become saints. Change your ways, repent, depend on God and do the work to become a saint we all have that potential.

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