All Saints Day, November 1, 2017 Daily Reflection

St. Therese of Lisieux

We should all strive to be saints. Too many people believe that saints were perfect people. They were not perfect or sinless. Every person is born with sin and falls short in their relationship with self, others, creation, and God. Many saints had conversions from a life filled with pleasure and sin to a life dedicated to following God. No matter what you have done, how you have lived, or what behaviors you have exhibited, God will forgive you. Then you can dedicate yourself to God.

We each have the potential to become a saint, we can grow in our love for God and others, live simply, and selflessly. One person at a time we can make a difference in this world through our loving actions. Dedication to God is witnessed in our actions towards others. What can you do today to move in that direction? How can you move closer to God through your love for others?

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