Saints…really…November 7, 2011 Daily Reflection

Lisa Hendey's newest book

Saints, really, saints…what on earth do we everyday common folk have to do with the saints. Let’s think about this for a moment. These are holy men and women, most of which have overcome great obstacles against all odds and have performed miracles. They are people whom we should emulate and hold on a pedestal but can we really relate to them? Can we really understand these deceased people from a different time and life than our own? Who wants to read about the Saints…really?

Well, let me tell you that was my thought process when my mentor, Lisa Hendey, creator of told me she was writing her newest book about saints. Lisa is a wonderful mentor to me she has let me write a column for her website for over a year now. She also let me write a short sidebar for her first book The Handbook for Catholic Moms. She has encouraged me and taught me how to move beyond my comfort zone and reach out to others through my website , motivational talks and retreats. Now she has written her second book and I was a little skeptical. Then I started reading it. She has laid out this book in such a way that you can read one short chapter a week. She gives you the story of the saint and then applies it to our modern day life. She gives us ways to relate to these people and make them alive in our homes and our families. She truly has given us a gift, a simple yet thought provoking journey through history and somehow clearly brings them into our existence as people who we can literally befriend. There are excellent prayers and activities that are applicable to our everyday lives. Lisa writes like she is talking right to your heart because she is. She understands the modern day mom because she is one.

I highly recommend this book. I have been reading it every day with my lunch and each time I open its cover I discover another friend who can help me in my journey of this life. This is a perfect gift for any mom you know. I will treasure it and read it over and over again.

Thank you Lisa for all of your guidance, support and encouragement in my life and thank you for sharing your talents with others so that they can move closer to God every day.

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