The sand dollar, April 5, 2014

Anna's sand dollar

Anna’s sand dollar

Anna is so proud that she found this sand dollar in the ocean. Sure, people find them often but it is rare that someone finds one whole. The ocean activity and tumoltous waves usually break sand dollars into pieces leaving behind their remains.  How on earth could a sand dollar make it through in this condition?

The sand dollar is much like humans. We are usually broken from the activity and crashing waves of our lives. It is rare to find a life that has not been broken in some way or another.  As whole has this sand dollar may appear it still has some rough edges just like the rest of us. But unlike many of us it found its way into the loving hands of a child who will always treasure it.

If we allow ourselves God is ready to pick each one of us up broken or not to treasure and love us for a life time or more.

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