Savor the taste, June 16 Daily Reflection

Jake savoring his blueberry smoothie

Children know how to soak up every ounce of life. They play the hardest, run the fastest, laugh whole heartily, love with all that they are and live fully. When was the last time you drank a smoothie or a milkshake and enjoyed it like Jake enjoyed his?

I have a very good friend who loves to watch me eat desserts. As a child of 4 children we did not have an abundance of money so my parents limited treats. My dad would give each of us a piece of candy and say “Now, whoever makes this piece of candy last the longest will get a second piece.” I learned how to make a piece of candy melt slowly in my mouth and in doing so I learned how to savor the taste and texture, enjoying the candy more than if I would have been given five pieces. I have carried that lesson over into adulthood and I savor every forkful of cheesecake, I let bites of sugar cookies literally melt in my mouth. I enjoy tasting the full flavor of my desserts and if there is not enough time to enjoy the taste I don’t eat that dessert.

My friend watches with wonder as I take 10 minutes to eat one small treat. He admits he tastes the first bite and after that he just consumes the food, many of us live our lives in this fashion. We appreciate the first moment of something new and then we just consume the rest of the experience and move on to the next one. It’s all about being present in that moment that place in time that will never be again. Being present is very difficult for the majority of us because we speed through life and all the tasks that must be accomplished. How much time will we lose, how many things won’t get done if we take 10 extra minutes to enjoy not just dessert but all the different experiences of each day?

 Slow down let the taste of life melt in your mouth, live in the moment, laugh harder and longer, run faster, love with all that you are and live more fully today. 

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