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Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary

Mom and Dad’s 50th Anniversary

Last night I had a cook out for my parents, sister, and brother. It was my sister’s birthday but I had it because I wanted all of us to be with my dad before the procedure. We had a great meal, ate outside, and had a great fire in the fire pit and the kids roasted marshmallows. Jake gave a piano concert, that’s what my dad calls it, for everyone while we ate dessert. It was a great evening. My dad said, “I need to have a heart catheterization monthly if I will get a cook out for it each time.

Today, my dad is having a heart catheterization to detect any blockage. If there is blockage he will have a stent put in to clear it. He had this procedure six years ago and it worked well and it all went well. However, twenty years ago he had the same procedure and his heart went out of rhythm and they had to use the paddles to shock it back and he was fine. Thirty years ago he had a heart attack when I was in the fifth grade. I had always been a daddy’s girl but after almost losing him my life changed and I began to value every day I had with him like a gift. Well, I am not ready to let that gift go. So, if you could spare a few prayers for my Dad today that would be wonderful. He believes in the power of prayer and so do I . So, please send some up. Thank you so much!!!

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