Saying Goodbye, May 4, 2015 Daily Reflection

Two of my favorite seniors

Two of my favorite seniors

Why do we have to say goodbye to people we love?

“Life is filled with change, and nothing ever stays the same.” – ¬†Patty Loveless from her song “How can I help you to say goodbye.”

So, there are different times in our lives that we have to say goodbye and let  people go. It happens when people move away, die, break up, graduate, change jobs, change parishes etc.

I will have to say goodbye to my seniors soon. They will be graduating on May 15, 2015 and they will be moving on to a new part of their lives. The majority will be going on to college. I have been teaching these students for two school years now. I have become very acquainted with them and have grown to love them like they are my own. It hurts to say goodbye. To think that I will not see their smiling faces, listen to their goofy stories, or hear their contagious laughter, breaks my heart. I guess this is what teaching is all about, giving the students all you have to give, to help them to develop and grow and then letting them go so they can continue to grow somewhere else. It’s the cycle of life I suppose. I will miss them. They were my first students and they each have a place in my heart.

It is never easy to say goodbye but closure is important. Letting them know that I care and that they should come back and visit is essential. Goodbye class of 2015 you will be loved and never forgotten.

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