Scorekeeper, April 18, 2016 Daily Reflection



My daughter was offered a scorekeeper job at our parish sports field, to score some soccer games. She enjoyed the experience. She was able to sit in an airconditioned press box, push buttons, and watch soccer games. She loves to play soccer and watch games. She made really good money doing this. It takes a responsible person to show up to complete the task. One must be observant and not lose attention or focus on the game. One must be coherent of the time and place the numbers on the timer.

We are asked to do these things daily;

  • be responsible in our workplace, with our families, finances and our resources,
  • give our attention to the games of our lives
  • show up daily to be a part of it all
  • be coherent of our time and the time of others
  • put our lives on a timer
  • be observant of the world around us

If we can do these things better life may be kinder to ourselves, and others.

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