Scrolling, May 23, 2018 Daily Reflection

My Face Book Page

It becomes a trance like experience, when I start scrolling on Face Book. The beginning intention is a good one. I want to check any comments I might have on my posting for the day, which is always from my blog. Then I want to check and see who has done what that day. There is information that I get from my kid’s schools and from friends in my in box. Other than that information, I just scroll, not really looking for anything. The problem is there is no end to Face Book feed. You could scroll through the feed for hours. I have never scrolled for more than 40 minutes, but that was overboard. It’s so easy to get lost in it, look up and see that time has been wasted. So why do we do this daily, sometimes hourly?

I have heard reports that say we can’t help but compare ourselves to others, which causes jealousy, depression, and feelings of inadequacy. Some have said there is an anxiety of feeling like you missed the moment. So, I make sure to put the phone down and enjoy the present moment with people who are with me instead of wanting to be with others, at other parties, feeling excluded.

Social Media takes self control. There is a point where anything can become addictive and harmful. We just have to stop ourselves way before that point. We need to put limits on it so we don’t feel the ill effect of it. Do you have limits? Should you have limits? How does the scrolling effect your life?

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