Seasons, August 3, 2018 Daily Reflection

Me and my kids 5 years ago

There are seasons in our lives. Seasons of youth, growth, and socialization. The season of education, friends, and dreaming of the future. The season of opportunity, the world is open to anything you can imagine. The season of love, finding the one and joining your goals and dreams with another. The season of creating and raising a family. The season of witnessing seasons of your own children’s lives. The season of letting your children go to find their own opportunities and make their dreams a reality. The season of you and your spouse after the family has grown and gone. The season of rediscovery of self and one another. The season of grandparenting and loving like you have never been able to love before. The season of aging and accepting it. The season of finally understanding the most important parts of life.

Every season contains growth, discovery, learning, opportunity, and experiences. Which season are you living in now? Appreciate it because before you know it will be gone and another will take its place. Each season helps to form who we are and what we care the most about in life. Be present in this season instead of wishing for the next one.

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