Seeing the Soul, September 4, 2018 Daily Reflection

We love you!

We see each others bodies and judge; she should really be on a diet, how could she wear that to the pool? We see each others posts and judge; she is bragging about her life, but I have seen her life and it is not that good. We see each others families and judge; look at her grown children, she failed as a parent. We see each others actions and judge; I would never do that, are you kidding me what makes her think she could even? We see each others words and judge; who is she to say that to another person?

We judge everyone and everything, but rarely do we look into another’s soul. We have forgotten or maybe never realized each creation of God has a soul, a purpose, a part of the divine love within. When we judge we are judging God’s creation. God loved us into existence to love! It is not for us to judge. It is for us to LOVE. See the soul, the divine spark of God within every person and stop judging and start loving.

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