Seek New Experiences, June 2, 2016 Daily Moment

Contemporary Ensemble

Contemporary Ensemble

Yesterday, my youngest took a chance and tried something new. He has been taking piano lessons for four years. Our church has a new worship director who has brought a great energy and life to the music ministry. He invited parish members who would like to sing or play instruments to this new contemporary ensemble. Jake tried it out. It was very different playing with a group of others but he really enjoyed the new experience.

We should be more like Jake and try new things, seek different experiences, open our mind to new ideas. This world is so vast, it is beyond our understanding, meant to be explored and witnessed to. Allow God to work in your life, to accept others, to seek goodness, to learn, to be filled with love. We were created from love to love.

Today, discover a new way to live, love, give, and be open to God’s awesome opportunities.

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