Seeking God, April 25 Daily Reflection

In my theology classes we take time every class period to seek God through prayers, meditations, songs, Mass, acts of kindness and love. Many of my students seem to feel God’s presence most in the serenity of nature. Why do you think we seem to seek and feel the presence of God in nature?

Perhaps, it is because…
…we are in wonder and awe of God’s amazing creations, tiny and intricate as a spider web, and large and overwhelming as the ocean.
…nature seems to be the purest of God’s creations, untouched and out of our control.
…the music from nature provides us with a symphony of enchanting sounds.
…we can find a peace that takes us back to the roots of our beings before industry and artifical inventions.

How do you seek God? Where do you feel God’s presence strongly?


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