Seeking, June 30, 2017 Daily Reflection

The deepest part of our souls is in a constant state of yearning for God. Some people say it is not God that they yearn for, but I think it’s because they don’t understand the yearning. Too many people try to fill that need with honor, wealth, power, and pleasure. All of these elements will quench the desire temporarily. Each element will fade from life. The only permanent entity is God. We will remain restless until we rest in God. Whether people want to admit it or not the connection we have with our creator is stronger than any other connection in our lives. “Our hearts are restless until they rest in thee” said St. Augustine. If you feel that you are floundering, seeking, restless, and unfulfilled try something different, try prayer. Try to detach from honor, power, wealth, and pleasure. We must empty ourselves of these elements to make room for God’s undeniable, fulfilling, saving love.

Do you want to feel content? Start searching for the One who can fill your soul for eternity, God.

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