Seeking Spiritual Growth, September 26, 2017 Daily Reflection

Jake’s hand in mine when he was 3

Everyone in life is seeking something to fill the void in their life. We all have an empty space that we try to fill in many different ways. It seems like emotions, achievements, and sometimes material possessions fill the void. However, the affect is only temporary. In time all those circumstances, feelings, and material possessions lose their weight and once again we are left with a void and we seek again.

I believe that God created each one of us in the image of God, both male, and female, body and soul. I believe that God left such a significant mark on our souls that when we parted a void was created that can only be fulfilled by our reuniting. I believe we seek a spiritual growth and completion in our relationship with God that is fostered by good relationships with self, others, and creation. I believe that we need to understand our own self-worth, love our self, understand the solidarity of our relationships with the entire human race, and embrace the ability to adore, and preserve all of God’s creation. I believe that until we seek harmony in our relationships and a spiritual depth that the void will never lessen. I also believe the resolution of the void will be complete when we are held in the loving arms of God in our eternal life.

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