Seen, October 9, 2018 Daily Reflection

How are we seen?

How are we seen by others? How do others perceive our actions, words, and situations?

How do we want to be seen?

Are those two ideas able to merge?

Ask – asking others what actions and behaviors they have witnessed from you. (not your parents or close family)

Accept – Deal with the fact that this is how you are seen.

Analyze – reflect on what you have heard. What do you like? What do you want to change?

Transformation – The most difficult part is the transformation of heart. If you decide to make a real change it needs to be a permanent change. It can’t be a huge idea that is not practical. Pray for wisdom, understanding, and guidance. Allow your heart and soul to be open to love. A little at a time perform small acts of kindness. As your actions change, so too will your behavior.

Everyone, wants to be seen and heard by someone. Everyone, wants to count. Self-reflection is difficult, and transformation can only happen with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. May God help to open your soul to be seen for who God created you to be.

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